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Facing up to the Covid Challenges

As a result of Covid, we are currently facing some of the toughest challenges of modern times.

These challenges will be with us for quite some time and we are reminded that we must not take our eye off the ball even when the vaccination roll-out is well underway. 

This site is all about tackling three of our fundamantal challenges and providing a digital space for people to share their work, connect with others and access information, links and material that can support productive collaborations and engagements. 


Challenge 1

Ensuring the right information reaches as many people as possible

For this we need everyone to pull together.

We need to give people with influence and with connections information they can easily pass on.

Most importantly, we need to do all we can to stop the spread of mis-information within and across communities.

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Challenge 2

Tackling the impact of Covid and lockdown on the mind and body

The damaging affect Covid has had and continues to have on individuals and community is well documented.

We are all better placed to face up to the huge challenges if we share our experiences.  

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Challenge 3

Tacking the social, economic and educational impact of Covid

The better equipped we are and the more informed we are, the faster we will be able to tackle the impact of Covid on our community.

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Project dates

01 Aug 2017 - On-going


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